Your Groomer

Carrie Paulson NCMG

(National Certified Master Groomer)

A Sonoma County native Carrie grew up on a farm caring for many animals. From as young as 6 years old she was grooming, feeding, medicating and providing creature care to everything from guinea pigs to horses. While she originally desired to study veterinary medicine she found grooming not only filled her need to care for animals but also her creative spirit as well. A true animal lover Carrie appreciates both dogs and cats and their many breeds, mixes, beauty and distinct personalities. She believes that the best way to handle animals is with knowledge, understanding, patience, skill and respect. Animals bring such beauty and joy to our world and being a caregiver to them is a gift. Some details:
  • National Certified Master Groomer
  • 18+ years professional grooming experience
  • Former veterinary assistant
  • Member of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America as well as the  California Professional Pet Groomers Alliance
  • A.K.C Safety Certified Pet Groomer
  • Former grooming salon manager of a busy salon and has trained others to successfully groom
  • Began grooming career in Atlanta Georgia where she cared for many purebred dogs including many less common breeds and show dogs including a Westminster Champion
  • Volunteer groomer and kitten foster mom for Dogwood Animal Rescue Project and grooming volunteer for various local shelter
  • Values continued education and attends trade shows, grooming seminars and dog shows to stay current on latest trends, products and techniques
  • As a hobby studies dog training and animal behavior Owner or rather “Mom” of Emmy, the Shih Tzu, Bop the cat, and a small herd of Alpine Dairy Goats. Auntie to countless others
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