New Scheduling System

Hello Groovy Clients!

We have recently changed over to a new Scheduling System (provided by Groom Pro). This system will allow each client to update and edit their pets information and special needs as well as look up just the upcoming appointments that are relevant to you. As a reminder, we never share your information with any third party.

If you do not want to use this system, that’s ok, you will receive an email confirmation at least a week before your appointment –  and that’s all you need!

Please note that this is ONLY FOR EXISTING CLIENTS – Your basic information is already entered into the system from our notes about your previous grooms. However you will need to create a login and password for the new system (and we need your email on file to send you reminders about appointments.) Here’s all you need to do.


Go create your new password  ( Link to Create a New Password  )  put in your email address and click “Reset Password



This will generate a link to your email to setup up your password –  and your login will be your email address


(Here’s an image of the email you will receive)

If you receive an error message ( saying “this email does not exist” ) it means we do not yet have your email address on file. If this is the case just send us an email HERE and provide your email address and name and we will add it into the system and send you confirmation.


That’s It!

  • Once you’ve created your password you can always login by clicking “Client Login” on our website – you can also go there now by clicking HERE to test it out.


That’s it! Once you’ve setup your password / email address you can login anytime and see your upcoming appointments, you can also add additional information about your pets, like new pets, allergies, breed information etc. In many cases we already have most info on file but it’s a great way to keep us up to date so we can better serve you. If you have any difficultly or questions about the above please don’t hesitate to email us HERE.

(( Note to NEW Clients: If you are not yet a client of Groovy Grooming you should call us 707-526-5335 and make sure we can get you on the schedule. )) 

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