Welcome to Groovy Grooming

Here’s some happy pets and cute cuts from Groovy Grooming.

Groovy Grooming provides Mobile House Call Grooming. That means we come to your home and use your facilities to get the job done. This is the best environment for many pets who don’t like the noise and change of environment for a shop or van. We use only professional equipment including a fold out table and the only facility we need is a sink or bathtub in your home. We provide full clean up after the groom and we completely pamper and clean your pet. Including professional haircuts, a thorough washing and a whole list of other included services.

Also be sure to ask about our “Creative Grooms” where we can go above and beyond to make your pet look as crazy cool and creative as you’d like. This includes animal-safe dye jobs and super creative hair cuts. Check out the video above for a few examples orĀ contact us to find out more about what we can do for a special occasion or holiday.